Saturday, February 14, 2009

Open letter to Glenn Sacks regarding Holly Collins' abduction of two American children to The Netherlands

Dear Glenn,

Naturally, I'm outraged by the Holly Collins case. As we all know far too well, a woman can tell any kind of lie she wants in the Family Courts and she will be believed, automatically.

The evidence against Ms. Collins is clear and according to your article, it's official: she is another female nut-case. I have great optimism that science will soon invent pharmaceuticals able to cure this madness that afflicts a small, yet significant, number of mothers. Then, the only problem will be getting the afflicted ones to take the cure.

I applaud your coverage of the case; it is thorough and commendable. Continuing to enforce the truth in public forums like yours helps to gradually chip away at the wall the family courts have erected between loving fathers and their children.

I battled the Dutch legal system for nearly ten years. To my knowledge, there has never been an international abduction case involving the Netherlands that is as horrific as mine. This one comes close.

In the Netherlands, the official national position regarding custody is that children of divorce should never have any contact whatsoever with the father following the initial separation. Fathers were forbidden all contact until the laws were somewhat weakened in 1989 (less than 20 years ago). I understand that later in the 1990s, a father was given custody of his children because the mother was ruled a hopeless heroin addict on top of being a full-time prostitute (the latter is definitely not a consideration in the granting of custody in the Netherlands).

In thirteen hearings that grew to encompass the highest courts of Holland and the EU, I tried to present the "American" position on that matter. Each time I did, I was told the same thing: "You Americans have it all wrong; our research shows that it is best for the child to sever all ties with the father in a divorce situation; you [meaning me] should find a new wife and have new children if it's important to you, because at this point, we have ruled that you are no longer a father and you have no children. Get over it!" Remember, this is a country that also permits and encourages sex between parents and children (ages 12 to 16), and also allows doctors the discretion to euthanize patients without their express consent. Things are very different over there.

In both my case and the Collins case, complicity of the Dutch government figured as a strong factor in the Netherlands' efforts to capture American children. In my case, the "Central Authority" of the Hague Convention lied to the US State Department and claimed that my daughters were Dutch, while the truth is that both are native-born Americans who had spent more than half their lives in America at that time. They weren't Dutch then and they have rejected every offer to become Dutch since then. I was successful in repairing some of the Dutch government's elaborate attempts at deception: they had removed all records of my children's birthplace and any record indicating that we had moved from or spent any time in the United States. I managed to get those restored.

The Netherlands is, for all practical purposes, run by women, the greater portion of whom are of the man-hating variety. Most of the politicians, lawyers, judges, child services workers, and social workers are women who come out of failed marriages and have an axe to grind against (all) men in general. Because of this imbalance, my children and I experienced atrocities that would be illegal in any civilized country in the world. The UN feels the same way about the Netherlands, and every five years when the Netherlands is up for review by the UN Council on the Rights of the Child, the Dutch are chastised for being the absolute worst place for children among UN member states. What a surprise.

The Dutch officials have created paperwork that claims to "officially cancel my fatherhood of my children" and states that I am no longer a father of any children whatsoever and, that I "should consider that it would be healthier for me to think of myself as a person who has never had children." That said, DNA is a great reality check (not to mention that my kids look, talk, and act just like me) and, in spite of all Dutch rulings to the contrary, my children and I have averaged about an hour a day on the phone or webcam for the past five years, and, for the five years prior to that, we broke their ridiculous "rulings" wherever possible and met for hours every day after school and on weekends, risking imprisonment each time.

The Dutch authorities will claim that all children of divorce have the right to request to move back with their father at age 12 and that they can do so of their own choice at age 14. This sounds good on paper, but in reality, it is totally socialist propaganda. The truth of the matter is that every mother is given the option to request a declaration that their former husband is no longer the father of their children, and nearly all mothers opt to do this. At the age of 14, children are not allowed to move in with total strangers so, by declaring that a child's father is no longer his or her father, the Dutch never have to capitulate to the law that pretends to allow teenaged children to move back home. I know this from personal experience: one of my daughters tried to hold the Dutch to their own laws without success and she did so on several occasions; first, by surprising everyone and arranging transportation to the Children's Legal Aid Society on her twelfth birthday; later, by arranging her own lawyer; and even later, by hiring yet another lawyer when she was 13. Finally, when she was 14, she simply told her mother that she was moving back in with me; they discussed it for weeks and her mother pretended to relent. My daughter moved in with me on Father's Day, but the police arrived several hours later and claimed that, while it is true a 14-year-old may move back in with her father, my ex-wife had obtained a court ruling that I was not the father and that declaration overruled science or DNA. "Fatherhood is not a matter of DNA," they declared. "It is a matter for the courts to decide..."

Well, I could go on... suffice it to say, Holly Collins must have done some research when she picked the Netherlands as a place to hide out.

Glenn: Keep up the great work! And if there is anything I can do to assist in bringing this mentally disturbed woman to justice, please let me know.

Speaking of propaganda, the Dutch know a great deal about twisting the press to hide the realities of their country; they've had good teachers. Remember, in WWII most European countries tried to resist the Nazis, many even had a "resistance movement," but the Dutch rolled right over immediately, even gladly handing over all their non-Aryans while knowing fully well what that would mean. That the Dutch remain in a similar frame of mind is evidenced by their recent complicity (1995) in the Srebrenaci Massacre of 8,000 Bosnian men and boys (gendercide), and by what they did to me, and by what they helped Holly Collins do to Mark, Zachary, and Jennifer.

Holly Collins needs to be jailed for a long time. Whatever I can do to help, just let me know!

Best wishes,

Chris Yavelow
Director: America's Stolen Children Network

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Mayor of Zandvoort

I'm receiving a lot of mail from the Mayor of Zandvoort these days. He's trying to collect some money my wife owes the municipality. The problem is that he's trying to collect the money from me (3500 miles away in a different country with an ocean between) rather than from her (2 miles away from his office in the same province of Holland).

Contributing to this absurdity is the fact that my wife has the precise money he is seeking, whereas I do not.

This sort of approach to a problem is typical of the way the Dutch go about things, and further evidence of why practically nothing constructive is ever accomplished in the Netherlands. I will try to organize the correspondence and post it here, because it is quite amusing. Don't hold your breath though, because this is a pretty low priority for me at this time.

Incidentally, the last thing I remember about Zandvoort was watching the mayoral elections (perhaps it was this mayor who is writing to me). The two candidates were sparring in the center of town, and when I say "sparring," I mean sparring! The husband of the losing candidate rushed up to the podium with expletive-laden shouts of "The only reason you won is because you ripped down my wife's signs!" and then he proceeded to pummel the new mayor with his fists.

Very exciting!

That's the state of politics in uncivilized countries such as the Netherlands.

Monday, March 31, 2008


I've watched the Fitna controversy with great interest because one of my children is studying in Holland. Perhaps a personal story will illustrate my concern.

In 2003, I traveled in a compartment with a Muslim Harem guard. I'm not sure whether he knew I was an American. He was reading an Arabic newspaper and I commented that the alphabet looked like "art," and how could he learn to read it. He became interested in talking to me. Eventually, he disclosed his profession. He told me that part of his job was to "kill beautiful women." He recounted a story of an American girl who was forcibly inscripted into the Haarem by way of abduction. She hated it there. He described her suicide in graphic detail: "She stood before me, and raised her veil. She knew that meant I had to cut her throat and dispose of her. She was committing suicide. Tears were streaming down one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. But, I had to do my job."

I asked him how he could do such things.

He replied, "Women are no higher than cattle in the order of the world. We must not feel anything more than we would feel killing a cow, when we dispose of a woman. Don't you see?"

I didn't tell him that I did not see. I tried to keep my face expressionless, and changed the subject of conversation as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Twice as much child abuse as last year

According to Expatica today (24 April 2007):
More than 107,000 children are abused in the Netherlands each year. That is almost twice the number experts assumed until now. About 30 in every 1,000 children suffer physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect.

Any such numbers coming from the Netherlands should be read with the awareness that the Dutch government tampers with statistics to make their country seem better than it is in reality.

When I exposed the Dutch Pedophile Coverup at the beginning of this century, I discovered that between the ages of 12 and 16, no one is allowed to make a report of child abuse except the parents of an abused child. Even the child himself (or herself) cannot complain about his or her situation. Thus, when the study of abused children in the Netherlands states:
The study was based on data from 1,100 professionals in the social and medical services, and on information from the 17 centres for reporting child abuse.

we must keep in mind the fact that such a study will exclude the 12-16 year old age group, a parent abusing their 12-16 year-old being very unlikely to file a report against themselves. For all practical purposes, incest is legal between the ages of 12 and 16 in the Netherlands, and a large number of children are taught that having sex with their parents is absolutely normal. If something is not a crime, I doubt it would appear on the report referred to in the report from the University of Leiden.

Further, as I demonstrated in my report on how the Dutch protect pedophiles, it is very unlikely that any child being abused would be able to notify any official of their situation.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Women on Waves in the news again

Today, we learn that Rebecca Gomperts of Women on Waves has achieved another victory with the Dutch government, who will now permit the woman to continue her nautical mission to circumvent the laws of European countries who have voted against abortion.

From (Monday 23 April 2007
Backlash over abortion boat ruling
"The controversial Dutch abortion boat operated by Women on Waves has been granted a government licence allowing it to carry out abortions in international waters on women who are up to seven weeks pregnant..."

Unless I have missed something while following the history of this issue (and I have been following it closely since 2000), Rebecca Gomperts and Women on Waves primarily seek to force the Dutch abortion laws on to countries in which the citizens have voted to ban such atrocities. These are not oppressed women being denied rights; rather, they are citizens who have decided that legalized murder is not in the best interest of their societies.

Once again, the Dutch try bring people of other countries to their own futile belief system by breaking the laws of those other countries, thus positioning themselves as common criminals. And, again the Dutch government fully supports this perversion of international morality. That the Dutch legitimize murder in their own country doesn’t give Dutch doctors any right to travel outside the borders of the Netherlands for the purpose of conducting what is considered to be a crime by more civilized countries.

Consider this analogy: Just as undertaking an abortion is illegal in the countries to which the Dutch wish to export their corruption, so is the partaking of illegal drugs. Will the Dutch government now endorse the export of their illegal drugs to the people of countries who have voted to keep such degeneracy off the streets?

The Dutch repeatedly demonstrate misery loves company.

I suggest that nations finding themselves under attack by degenerate Dutch doctors who are really moral-terrorists respond in the same way they would if the Dutch were launching their offensive with things more recognizable as weapons yet equally forbidden in their respective countries.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Are Dutch Children Really Happy?

When the Dutch score number one and the US, next to the last, you know something's rotten in Denmark. According to Expatica News on February 14, 2007:

Dutch children are the happiest:

"AMSTERDAM – A study by UNICEF, the UN’s children’s foundation, indicates that Dutch children have it better than their peers in other rich countries. ... The Netherlands topped the list. Denmark and Sweden came in second and third place. The UK came in at the bottom of the list, preceded by the US."

Of course, the UN survey neglects to mention that Dutch children have relatively complete autonomy, enjoying low-cost drugs such marijuana, hashish, XTC, and LSD at an early age (technically not legal, though “tolerated” at the thousands of “Koffeeshops” across the land), legal alcohol, free heroin and needles, public nudity, sexual freedoms beyond anything imagined in the sixties, and a parental attitude meant to convey the fact that from puberty onward, the thought processes of a child are equivalent to those of an adult. When legislation deems 12-year-olds to be mature enough to request euthanasia without parental consent, children are bound to draw conclusions (however spurious) about the validity of whatever happens to pop into their heads.

Certainly, such children come up as happy on a survey conducted by an organzation that views a hybrid of secularism, socialism, and liberalism -- secusocialiberalism -- as the Holy Trinity of society. Holland’s culture has long progressed beyond the point where the children themselves might notice something was wrong. In the USA, if children were given a comparable steady stream of drugs, sex, and rock and roll, they themselves would ask, “Isn’t something wrong with this picture?” However, in the Netherlands the situation is entrenched to the point that not only one’s parents but also their grandparents were raised that way. Nay, even their great-grandparents. A child has little hope to realize something is remiss. Ignorance is bliss.

Example 1: A survey in 1991 revealed that twenty percent of the children are brought up believing that having sex with one’s parents is perfectly normal. That figure was a survey of church-going families only (a mere 3% of the country). The laws encourage this: reports that it is legal for parents to have sex with their children between the ages of 12 and 16. Children brought up this way have no reason to question the scenario.

Example 2: During the ten years I lived in the Netherlands, I couldn’t help noticing that the families were large by American standards: usually between 4 and 6 children. If a child was kidnapped or murdered or both (Yes, Michael Moore, the murder rate in Holland is about a hundred times higher than your films report), or dies through some accident resulting from a lack of parental supervision, the general attitude is “Well, we’ve got five more. Let’s move on with our lives.”

In London where drugs and needles are free, you will certainly find that the heroin addicts are happy. In Holland, where children have no rules whatsoever and their parents believe this state of affairs is a good thing, you are going to find them scoring high in surveys such as the one conducted by the UN. Unfortunately, the liberal secular socialists of the UN are looking at the world through lenses made by the same interests as those of the Netherlands.

A few more observations about the top three scorers in the survey: Does Denmark count? Because the last time I consulted the CIA fact book, there were only a million children in that country. They live so far apart from each other, there is hardly any social interaction whatsoever. Aren't there some apartment complexes in New York City containing the same amount of children? And about Sweden: Starting the moment they are toilet-trained, aren’t their 1.5 million kids living in state-run nurseries -- the so-called "Swedish Solution"; see "What has Government done to our Families" -- that have completely destroyed the concept of "family?"

The top three “countries” in the UN’s survey taken together contain a total of 5.5 million children. The United States has more than 60 million children. In fact, the number of children in America is more than double the entire populations (adults and children alike) of those three top-scoring countries taken together. Does the UN survey have any relevance whatsoever to the situation in America? I don't think so. Sadly, the UN does.