Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Are Dutch Children Really Happy?

When the Dutch score number one and the US, next to the last, you know something's rotten in Denmark. According to Expatica News on February 14, 2007:

Dutch children are the happiest:

"AMSTERDAM – A study by UNICEF, the UN’s children’s foundation, indicates that Dutch children have it better than their peers in other rich countries. ... The Netherlands topped the list. Denmark and Sweden came in second and third place. The UK came in at the bottom of the list, preceded by the US."

Of course, the UN survey neglects to mention that Dutch children have relatively complete autonomy, enjoying low-cost drugs such marijuana, hashish, XTC, and LSD at an early age (technically not legal, though “tolerated” at the thousands of “Koffeeshops” across the land), legal alcohol, free heroin and needles, public nudity, sexual freedoms beyond anything imagined in the sixties, and a parental attitude meant to convey the fact that from puberty onward, the thought processes of a child are equivalent to those of an adult. When legislation deems 12-year-olds to be mature enough to request euthanasia without parental consent, children are bound to draw conclusions (however spurious) about the validity of whatever happens to pop into their heads.

Certainly, such children come up as happy on a survey conducted by an organzation that views a hybrid of secularism, socialism, and liberalism -- secusocialiberalism -- as the Holy Trinity of society. Holland’s culture has long progressed beyond the point where the children themselves might notice something was wrong. In the USA, if children were given a comparable steady stream of drugs, sex, and rock and roll, they themselves would ask, “Isn’t something wrong with this picture?” However, in the Netherlands the situation is entrenched to the point that not only one’s parents but also their grandparents were raised that way. Nay, even their great-grandparents. A child has little hope to realize something is remiss. Ignorance is bliss.

Example 1: A survey in 1991 revealed that twenty percent of the children are brought up believing that having sex with one’s parents is perfectly normal. That figure was a survey of church-going families only (a mere 3% of the country). The laws encourage this: reports that it is legal for parents to have sex with their children between the ages of 12 and 16. Children brought up this way have no reason to question the scenario.

Example 2: During the ten years I lived in the Netherlands, I couldn’t help noticing that the families were large by American standards: usually between 4 and 6 children. If a child was kidnapped or murdered or both (Yes, Michael Moore, the murder rate in Holland is about a hundred times higher than your films report), or dies through some accident resulting from a lack of parental supervision, the general attitude is “Well, we’ve got five more. Let’s move on with our lives.”

In London where drugs and needles are free, you will certainly find that the heroin addicts are happy. In Holland, where children have no rules whatsoever and their parents believe this state of affairs is a good thing, you are going to find them scoring high in surveys such as the one conducted by the UN. Unfortunately, the liberal secular socialists of the UN are looking at the world through lenses made by the same interests as those of the Netherlands.

A few more observations about the top three scorers in the survey: Does Denmark count? Because the last time I consulted the CIA fact book, there were only a million children in that country. They live so far apart from each other, there is hardly any social interaction whatsoever. Aren't there some apartment complexes in New York City containing the same amount of children? And about Sweden: Starting the moment they are toilet-trained, aren’t their 1.5 million kids living in state-run nurseries -- the so-called "Swedish Solution"; see "What has Government done to our Families" -- that have completely destroyed the concept of "family?"

The top three “countries” in the UN’s survey taken together contain a total of 5.5 million children. The United States has more than 60 million children. In fact, the number of children in America is more than double the entire populations (adults and children alike) of those three top-scoring countries taken together. Does the UN survey have any relevance whatsoever to the situation in America? I don't think so. Sadly, the UN does.

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hallo said...

youre all wrong about the Netherlands, everyone of u. its legal for a child (age 12 or more) to have a relationship with an adult, but his parents must know and the child decides what happens in this relationship. so we will not arrest the adult untill the moment the child says we have reason to. these kinds of strange things happen when youre a countrie that says that everyone is equal and should have there rights and liberties, then suddenly people make a pedofile-politicalparty and things like this happen. But people dont raise there children telling them that sex with adults is normal, thats BS. and because of our drugsystem we have less addicted civilians. youre children have a higher chance of getting involved in drugs etc. and maybe even at a younger age. our children know they can buy softdrugs when theyre 18 so only a small group starts at a young age, most children save it for a older age, why not? its in the stores, it wont be hard to get by when theyu want to do drugs sometime. you all say very strange things about Holland and you informed yourselves poorly. the only thing that is right is the first post about the rights fathers have in Holland, that isnt very great, but all the other posts are full of misperceptions of the Netherlands.