Monday, April 23, 2007

Women on Waves in the news again

Today, we learn that Rebecca Gomperts of Women on Waves has achieved another victory with the Dutch government, who will now permit the woman to continue her nautical mission to circumvent the laws of European countries who have voted against abortion.

From (Monday 23 April 2007
Backlash over abortion boat ruling
"The controversial Dutch abortion boat operated by Women on Waves has been granted a government licence allowing it to carry out abortions in international waters on women who are up to seven weeks pregnant..."

Unless I have missed something while following the history of this issue (and I have been following it closely since 2000), Rebecca Gomperts and Women on Waves primarily seek to force the Dutch abortion laws on to countries in which the citizens have voted to ban such atrocities. These are not oppressed women being denied rights; rather, they are citizens who have decided that legalized murder is not in the best interest of their societies.

Once again, the Dutch try bring people of other countries to their own futile belief system by breaking the laws of those other countries, thus positioning themselves as common criminals. And, again the Dutch government fully supports this perversion of international morality. That the Dutch legitimize murder in their own country doesn’t give Dutch doctors any right to travel outside the borders of the Netherlands for the purpose of conducting what is considered to be a crime by more civilized countries.

Consider this analogy: Just as undertaking an abortion is illegal in the countries to which the Dutch wish to export their corruption, so is the partaking of illegal drugs. Will the Dutch government now endorse the export of their illegal drugs to the people of countries who have voted to keep such degeneracy off the streets?

The Dutch repeatedly demonstrate misery loves company.

I suggest that nations finding themselves under attack by degenerate Dutch doctors who are really moral-terrorists respond in the same way they would if the Dutch were launching their offensive with things more recognizable as weapons yet equally forbidden in their respective countries.

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